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1930s Entrance to Hsinking Shrine Unused £6
1930s Kodama Park Hsinking Unused £6
1930s Department of Justice Hsinking Unused £8
1930s State Council of Manchoukuo Hsinking Unused £8
1930s War Memorial Hsinking Unused £6
1930s Hsinking Mosque Unused £8
1930s Fushun Coal Mine Manshukoku Unused £6
1930s Monument, Kasuga Park Mukden Unused £6
1930s Toseimon Gate Mukden Unused £7
1930s Suping Street Mukden Unused £8
1930s Front Gate of Peiling Mukden Unused £8
1930s Higashi Naniwa Dori Street Mukden Unused £10
1930s Hoten Manshukoku Views x 3 Unused £6 each
1930s Mukden Central Square Unused £8
1930s Kasugacho Street Mukden Unused £10
1930s Castle Walls Mukden Unused £7
1930s Naniwa-Machi Dairen Unused £12
1930s Yamato Hotel Hoshigaura, Dairen Unused £12
1930s Central Park Monument Dairen Unused £6
1930s Count Goto's Statue, Dairen Unused £6

More postcards will be added soon, and pictures. Meanwhile we will be happy to send scans of any of these cards on request.

Tel: 01623 755466
E-mail : enquiries@nottingham-postcards.co.uk